About Us


Hi!  Welcome to SOLGOR FASHION BOUTIQUE. Let's walk the catwalk together.

I Started Solgor Fashion Boutique to share my love for Fashion with the world. Fashion for me is more than just about the Latest trends and accessories, it's life, it's you, it's me. It's the feeling you get when the perfect pieces come together to make the perfect outfit. It's the confidence you get when you're comfortable and looking good.

My journey with fashion started out early. At around age 10 I can remember seeing a commercial for Air Jamaica Airlines and being in awe of the air hostess, their beauty and grace. The hair, the makeup, their uniform, the smile, the whole package was just beautiful. I so much wanted to be like them when i grew up.

I migrated from Jamaica to New Jersey a few years later and fell in love all over again. New Jersey being next door to New York City, being the melting pot of the world. introduced me to fashions from all over the world and i was immersed, intrigued and inspiration by all different kinds of fashion.